Client Profile

Akin Bay has spent many years developing and enhancing its knowledge to serve the needs of middle market (“MM”) companies. Our process for servicing clients begins with a combination of fundamental and sophisticated analysis which includes the follow initial procedures: extensive analysis of a client’s businesses, historical and projected financial position, market plan, internal and external resources, processes, market position, competitive landscape, short and long-term capital needs and its ability to achieve its goals. Once Akin Bay has completed its initial analysis, it is in a position to provide advice of the level needed to assist clients in evaluating their financial and strategic options. We believe middle market companies will always benefit from a consistent level of customized analysis and advice long before they may perceive any specific need for particular financial advisory services- whether raising capital or mergers & acquisitions advice. To accommodate our client’s needs, we have developed sophisticated analytical and valuation models, specifically tailored to middle market companies, to aid them in evaluating their financing and growth options. Akin Bay’s ability to analyze and value a broad spectrum of industries, and our in-depth knowledge of complex financing structures, gives us a unique advantage in structuring merger and acquisition or financing solutions. Finally, Akin Bay offers its clientele a degree of commitment and level of service which middle market companies can no longer expect from the majority of large Wall Street investment banking houses.

We Look for the Following Characteristics in Companies We Advise:

  • Strong management team
  • Market leadership
  • Defendable business plan, attractive growth prospects
  • Large market share or dominating market niche position
  • Brand recognition
  • EBITDA of $5.0 million or greater and historical profitability
  • Revenues of $20 million plus
  • Company valuations between $10 to $500 million

Deal Review

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