The firm was founded with the simple mission of providing the highest quality financial advisory services to middle market companies.  In addition, the firm made the commitment to offer both merger and acquisition and capital raising advisory services.  We believe that without this balance our clients would not fully benefit from the firm’s full resources.  Our goal is to provide these services to companies and funds who will benefit from our dedication and resources to achieve their full financial and strategic goals.  Akin Bay has built the infrastructure and relationships required to provide these services to our clients at the highest level.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by being driven by the challenge of meeting the client’s needs, and the professional satisfaction we experience when we can achieve results which exceed our client’s expectations.

We prefer to emphasize the benefits of our independence from other larger banks by the consequent absence of conflicts of interest in our advice and services.  The firm believes that carefully aligning our interests with those of our clients should always be the benchmark of our philosophy.  Both the firm and our clients have experienced the merits of this approach in today’s complicated financial environment.

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