Corporate Valuations / Fairness Opinions

The firm provides valuations and fairness opinions for over 40 industries, to both US and foreign companies. A valuation analysis is usually the foundation for any type of business transaction. Many times a company has requested the firm to produce a valuation analysis before they decide what type of transaction they will pursue, or whether to pursue the transaction at all. In addition, a client (usually publicly listed), may need a fairness opinion to complete a transaction, which has already been negotiated between the two parties, but needs a third party confirmation of the value of the entities in a transaction.

A well grounded knowledge of a business’s current market valuation is critical to: creating a successful business plan, expansion and growth, utilizing stock options for management compensation, refinancing, acquisitions or restructuring. While an owner may have no present wish to sell the business, an understanding of current market value of the company and how to enhance that value is a critical component of the process of planning and preparing for growth.

The firm’s valuation analysis services can help a financial sponsor, entrepreneur, family or management team understand their company’s current valuation and be a critical tool in formulating strategies for preserving and enhancing the company’s valuation. Our professionals have experience valuing over $2.0 billion worth of small and medium sized business enterprises in a broad range of industries

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