Raising Capital

One of the firm’s main focus is raising institutional capital for middle market companies.

We raise capital for a broad range of companies.  We understand how our clients’ capital needs will vary according to their business model, existing capital structure and their shareholders’ short and long term business objectives.

The firm raises equity and debt for both public, private and family owned companies and portfolio companies of financial sponsors.  A company needs a minimum of $8 million in EBITDA to qualify for our capital raising services.

The following covers the main categories of our Capital Raising services:

Debt Securities: Equity Securities:
  • Senior Debt:
    • Asset Based and Cash Flow
    • Working Capital
    • Credit Facilities
    • Term A & B Loans
    • Real Estate Mortgage Financing
    • Warehouse Facility Lines
  • Capital and Operating Leases
  • Mezzanine / Subordinated and Junior Debt
  • High Yield Notes
  • 144A Rated and Unrated Notes
  • Convertible Debt
  • Private Placements of Preferred & Common Stock
  • Convertible Preferred
  • Venture Capital Equity
  • Private Placements of Preferred & Common Stock for Public Companies (PIPEs)


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